The pre-literacy skills series for children 0 to 5 years old

*A series that can work with you and your child from infancy to 5 years old

*It continues to grow with the child by building on concepts introduced on day one. 

*Each series introduces 36 new words (6 words/section, 6 sections/series)  

*Each series  introduces a character from the XAPES family, 
      (characters made from shapes --pronounced 'zaypes', rhymes with shapes'') 

*Available in each series is a computer program and a booklet

*Every few months there will be a new series available

     (Series should be bought in SEQUENCE to achieve educational layering)

This is Xug 
   (pronounced Zug, rhymes with 'bug')

Xug loves to say words that say "UG"

Xug is from the Xapes family

A fun learning and bonding experience, one strengthening the impact of the other.

The series uses games and visuals to achieve an  effective educational layering.

This series allows the child to use his/her eyes, ears, and hands to multiply the connections their growing minds are making 

The series involves language and multi-sensorial images. 

Incorporated are various aspects of several learning theories

The pages’ and computer applications’ symbols and images are happy and pleasant

The sounds from the computer applications are soft, encouraging and nurturing. 

These tools combine to help children, from ages 0 to 5, achieve a rewarding and life-long positive attitude towards learning and reading. 

When a child learns to read, self esteem, self reliance and pride accompany that achievement

Multiple Intelligences

"Zone of Proximal Development"

Stimulation of 
both brain sides to enhance learning

Bloom’s taxonomy

An interactive computer program 
with activities (for kids 3 months - 5 years)

Pick either a color section to see 6 new words or the Happy face for the Basics activities.

The Basics activities include colors, shapes, animals, numbers, letters and word recognition.  Activities involve hearing, seeing, clicking and dragging.

The six book sections' 12  outer activity buttons lead to more than 30 interactive activities, including coloring, drawing, puzzle pieces, building words and simple sentences focusing on the 6 new word 

A guide packet is included with setup instructions and suggestions for using the program with age-modification tips

A 20 page booklet to allow the older child (3 years - 5 years)
 to explore without a computer

A Poster Page
Which shows the series' focus words 
and the complete word list

A 2-Page Big Story

Includes all words from this section 
and all words from previous sections 
and some words from previous series 
in a simple 16 mini-pages story format.

A small story page which focuses on the Series' main words

2 Coloring Pages


For each book section 2 pages which include a story page  and an activity page (a total of 12 pages)

2 pages of tips and suggestions 
for using the booklet


Again, this is for the older child, 
ages 3 years -5 years old

Some basic tips for anyone interacting with a child:

  • Always keep the activity positive and fun.

  • Encourage unstructured imaginative play

  • Keep all activities stress-free

  • Make up songs to help learn  words, letters and number sequences

  • Always include praise

  • Make it it relevant to the child by including references to the child's life

  • Include hugs:   'See that number 3, I am going to give you 3 hugs.
    ..1  ..... 2 ......3      HUG"


Series 01 now available
It is the UG series, introducing 13 words that end in UG,  like bug, hug and slug . 
The other 23words include words that can be sounded out and a few sight words.  ENJOY!

Go to the order form to purchase the computer program ($25)  or the booklet ($10)
Buy both for ($30) 


I thank my husband, a computer programmer and my younger daughter, an art educator, for their generous support and invaluable contributions.

As educators and mentors to our 4 and 1 year old super stars we have designed this site and the FOLLOW THE RAINBOW FOR KIDS series to provide fun, interactive pre-literacy rudimentary skills for the very young by engaging the mentor to interact with both the computer and the child. HAVE FUN!

Developed by Diane, Ron and Tré Ehrlich
Inspired by Sonja and Beckett Alberts